The State of Change

Tracking global change

A new approach to tracking and understanding global change.

The State of Change publishes reports and holds conferences and workshops that track and explore the word of global advocacy to reveal what is working, what strategies are hitting their mark and how the global change industry is progressing.

The G7

The State of Change is leading the discussions on how to influence the Charlesvoix G7 Summit. It is undertaking research, conferences and workshops to share its work and findings. 


Workshops & Conferences

The Toronto G7 Workshop

A half-day workshop that will focus on what the G7 is about, how it has impacted development and climate change and how organisations can use the Summit to amplify its own objectives.

9am-12pm, 28th February 2018, Centre for Social Innvovation

G7 Advocacy Conference

The State of Change hosted the 2018 G7 Advocacy Strategy conference which brought 45 advocates from across the G7 together in Waterloo to plan and strategise for the Charlesvoix G7

30th & 31st January 2018
Communitech, Kitchener, Ontario